Mixing Music with Visuals

The 1-minute video & music is one of the outputs of the project Music Community. The online application explores the interconnections between music and video content, more specifically it focuses on how music may alter our perception of a video, playing a crucial role in how we respond emotionally to what we see.

We created this online application that will allow you to select and combine different video content and music examples, initiating discussion about the different results that come up from the different music choices.

Through the application you will:
· be introduced into different music genres
· be able talk and discuss about the chosen topic.

Videos and Music were produced by young artists and address the following topics:
· Taboo (gender, sexuality, religion, family)
· Danger/Unknown/Comfort and Security (diversity, violence, difference, inclusion)
· Values (equality, citizenship, friendship, community, solidarity)

Please select one of the following videos:

Please select one of the following audios: